Our commitment to you

is to provide the best strategic and relevant financial advice to suit your circumstances.

We all lead busy lives spending our time juggling family responsibilities, careers and social commitments. Finding time to manage our own personal finances can mean that they do not receive the attention they deserve. You are often faced with complex decisions and a lack of objective information to help you make the right choice.

PFA has the expertise to assist you with your decision making and help you make the right choice. There are many simple strategies that we can help you implement that will improve your personal financial situation.

Our services are designed to suit your individual situation. Depending on your needs and priorities, we can assist with many of life's important financial choices including:

Choice How PFA can help
Home & Investment Loans Strategies to restructure debt, pay off the loan faster, increase the tax deductibility*
Superannuation Interpret the ever changing laws to allow you to take advantage of the many benefits of super
Investments Help you achieve your long and short term goals by choosing the right investment structure/s
Personal Insurance Ensure you and your family is protected against the negative financial impact of sickness or accident

  *Loans will be provided through a referral to a loan specialist to ensure that you have the appropriate loan for your circumstances.

Our advice is contained in a written report. This report includes a summary of your goals and objectives and realistic strategies that assist you to achieve these goals.

So, whether you are seeking advice for the first time or whether you would like your existing situation reviewed - we can help.

Our Fees

Our commitment is to deliver value for money advice. You can be assured that there will be no hidden costs and all fees and charges are explained and agreed with you before any commitment is made.

Because we deal with financial products we have the unique opportunity to be flexible in the way our services are paid for.

For example, our fees can be paid directly from an invoice, as a deduction incorporated into the investment or as a commission paid by the financial product provider. We do not favour any particular method and we will work with you to find the best payment option for you.